Design Brief

Design a library to care take the audience who is now retired from their professions and are Sociologists, Physiologists and Economists.

The design should have;

  • Sufficient space to attain their interest in coming to the library and so providing them chance to set the environment and governing it according to their choices under a certain administration which will award them with pension for their time and participation.
  • Certain sections as for reading, meeting rooms, stack areas etc.
  • Spaces which will allow them to have certain important discussions or presentation or general group reading.
  • Space for 5000 books and manuscripts, each sections should cover at least 1500 books based on the interest of people coming to the library.
  • Calm and informative environment.
  • Cafeteria/restaurant for at least 50 people and out of it 20 should be those who enjoys eating/drinking coffee while reading.
  • An efficient system to control noise.

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